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One of the lions ended up climbing a tree to try to escape the charging elephants.

They are one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom. No one would have guessed that from this screen. When proud lions engage in a duel with a family of elephants, they quickly decide this is a battle they won’t win.

A peaceful scene until a herd of elephants with a small calf flew in from a midday mud flat. Cows will be extremely sensitive to any predator, because of the presence of their young, and become agitated when they approach from a distance to learn the scent of a lion blowing toward the herd.

The pride of 12 lions runs away after being rushed by a herd of elephants trying to protect their young.
Lions were faster than elephants thank goodness and no one was hurt. Finally, the elephants calmed down and moved to feed.

The lions quickly sat down and went back to sleep, except for one of the 14-month-old cubs, which climbed up a small tree and was pretending to be a leaf. Once he was sure that the elephants were gone, he rejoined his pride to sleep in peace. The close encounters with the big game are thrilling and exciting.

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