Old Town Phuket – favorite travel destination in Thailand

Phuket is like a ‘green pearl’ of Thailand, coming here you not only ‘admire’ the beautiful natural scenery but also are fascinated by the quiet and ancient beauty of a hundred year old street named Old Town Phuket.

Unlike the other old towns found in Thailand, Old Town Phuket is the busiest part of this island city. This place is full of temples and shrines, intactly preserved old houses, cafes, eateries with breath from the past. Few people know that this destination is made up of a number of small roads and the five main roads are: Phang Nga road, Krabi road, Dibuk road, Thalang road and Rasada road. The best way to explore the old town is by walking around.

What is special in Phuket Old Town? Originally built from the wealth of the people here, the old town of Phuket concentrated the elite, architectural techniques at that time. While other areas were still built with wooden beams and tiled roofs, these blocks were built of monolithic steel pillars (a rare and expensive material at the time).

Geographical location of Old Town Phuket: Located in the southeast corner of Phuket Thailand, 32km from Phuket International Airport, Old Town Phuket has ancient temples, century-old architecture influenced by Europe and charming small cafes.

What to play in Old Town Phuket?

Just like the ancient town of Hoi An – Vietnam, Vigan – Philippines, the old town of Phuket – Thailand was voted as one of the most famous old town in Southeast Asia. Here, you will be very impressed with the houses, cafes that are designed in the style of the Fujian Chinese people but still have very specific characteristics of Thailand. Thais call Old Town Phuket by a beautiful name like “proud street” or “rich street”. However, in the past this street was once forgotten in Phuket by the development of marine services. And only a few years ago, the “rich street” was the attention of people through the two-story houses with colorful windows, the eaves spread out straight along the road. Hotels and restaurants are designed in Portuguese style. Therefore, the combination of Chinese and Portuguese styles has created an interesting culture attracting tourists.

Traveling to the old town, do not miss the Buddhist temples, Chinese-style temples, Catholic churches, Sikh mosques and Hindu temples.

Owning many extreme virtual corners

This is a great experience for young people who love photography and want to save memories through photos. Please take advantage of the inherent beauty of this neighborhood to create yourself a set of “virtual” photos! Old Town Phuket is famous for its vivid frescoes on the variegated walls over time, the Spanish-style cafes, and the old houses with intact ancient architecture or architecture featured in Thailand up to 100 years of age, you also spend time admiring the villa with a long history or the lavish Phuket Laguna resort.

What to eat in Old Town Phuket?

In Phuket, you can enjoy a variety of cuisines from different countries such as India, Malaysia, China, Arab … like Kanom jeen, moo hong, enjoy shaking mango in Trendy Kopi de Phuket. For Western dishes, the ideal stop is the La Romantica Italian restaurant. Especially, do not go to Siam Bakery, which is famous for its delicious sandwiches and delicious coffee. In addition, according to Phuket travel experience, do not miss the street vendors, where you can comfortably eat local specialties.

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