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Nala The Golden Retriever Service Dog Is Disney’s Biggest Fan

The Lion King character-named dog Nala, age 2, and her owner Megan Stoff, 25, can’t get enough of going to Disney World in Florida.

Cute Nala has met characters including Cinderella, Princess Elena of Avalor, Stitch, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy. She is trained to help her 25-year-old owner with medical emergencies and crowd management.

When she first meets them, Nala patiently smiles for the camera, occasionally cuddling up in their laps as they give her well-deserved pats and strokes.  Even in the popular theme park, the assistance dog participates in the fun and even rides the rides.  Owner Megan stated with pride: “I enjoy getting to know the characters because Nala can take a well-earned break.

“She is adored by the characters, who frequently recognize her and exclaim, “So lovely to see you again.”  Adding: “She rotates about me to assist establish a barrier between me and outsiders as part of her job of crowd control.

“Disney is like a world where everything is constantly joyful. Nala is a model citizen in the park. She ignores distractions while performing crowd control duties off-leash.  She observed, “She can handle it all, and even appreciates the attractions, even fireworks.

The beautiful dog pal can be seen rolling on her back as Cinderella gleefully rubs her stomach in one endearing video. The Disney Princess, resplendent in a sparkling blue ballgown, beams while Nala rolls around on the ground next to her. In another scene, Nala can be seen sitting patiently next to Ariel the Mermaid on her seashell throne while the princess tenderly scratches her. She is sporting a pair of Minnie Mouse ears.

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