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Mother monkey holding her dead baby in her arms screaming pitifully

The story in this photo happened 3 years ago but was recently republished by The Epoch Times.

This photo, taken by professional photographer Avinash Lodhi, from Jabalpur, India, shows that a mother’s love is the most sacred and perfect thing in the world. Whether in the animal or human world, a mother’s instinct is to protect her children from any threat.

On that day, Lodhi happened to meet a herd while running around. However, attracting the attention of this photographer most is a mother monkey holding her baby in her arms. In the photo, the mother monkey can be seen looking up to the sky and looking like she is screaming. Right from the first look, everyone would think that the other baby monkey had passed away, gone forever in his mother’s arms. All of this creates a scene that cannot be more tragic.

Fortunately, the tragedy is only in the imagination of people. The other baby monkey just tripped and sat up quickly as soon as the picture was taken. Lodhi also captured the moment later and posted it on Facebook with the caption: “I’m still alive. And that’s how baby monkeys sit up on their own.” Lodhi said that because of many people’s questions, she shared a photo of the next moment to update the next situation of the story.

Scientists from the University of London and the University of Montpellier tracked 12 cases of chacma baboons that died at birth in the Namib Desert. The study, which lasted for 13 years, focused on the mother monkey’s response. The study results were published in the journal Royal Society Open Science on March 11. The team found that the mother baboon held the dead baby for periods ranging from one hour to 10 days. The average time is 3-4 days. “There are many theories to explain the baboon’s response to die young, the most plausible one being the theory of the extension of nurturing behavior,” said Alecia Carter, Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of California. Montpellier, the study author, said.

“We’re not saying that the mother monkey doesn’t know her baby is dead, but there are maternal bonds that are so strong that once formed they are very difficult to break. We don’t know exactly why there are only some mothers. carrying or protecting dead chicks. However, I believe there are many factors that influence this behavior,” added Carter.

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