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More Than 40 Goats Were Killed By Lions To Prove Their Pride

More than 40 goats have been killed by a pack of lions in Namibia in the past few days, in two separate incidents. The first incident happened early in the morning on a farm where a lion had lost 25 goats.

The lions seem to have broken and killed the rams, the herd, and the babies.

Two days later, more goats were killed in the same area where farmers lost 19 to lions. The animals were found dead in the bushes near the farm after they were abandoned. Since this latest incident took place a few kilometers from the previous one, it is suspected that the killings were caused by the same pride lion.

The drought is affecting the region, which has reduced wildlife populations by 40% last year, leading to lions hunting less wildlife, farmers say. This is most likely why the lions have turned to vulnerable prey like cattle.

The place where 25 goats were killed by lions 3 days ago was closed only with glossy cloth on one of the four sides – hence the attack.

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