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Meet Jax The Official Stamp Licker At Portree Post Office

Let me introduce you to Jax, the stamp licker in charge at the post office in the village of Portree!

The community in Scotland that is found on the island of Skye is home to several charming points of interest, but the village post office just might take the cake. And all of this is due to the lovable canine in question! Postmaster Ray Chandler has been in charge of the operation of the office for the past few years. After acquiring ownership of it, it wasn’t long before he made his first hire: Jax, the family’s pet dog.

Jax goes to work with his dad, who also happens to be his boss and props up behind the counter every day. Many people dislike licking stamps, thus he has become a beloved figure in the neighborhood in addition to the fact that people love to see friendly dogs everywhere they go. That’s Jax’s responsibility, and he’s got a sign to show for it.

He’s not just there to say hello; he’s there to lend a hand, too! However, even if you do not require any stamps to be licked, it is always pleasant to have such a welcoming face around. The dog is dedicated to his work. Even though he’s not flawless at his job (he’s been known to unintentionally eat a stamp or two), customers can always count on him to put a smile on their faces!

Even though Jax puts in a lot of effort, you shouldn’t be concerned about him being confined all day long. Before the post office opens, he enjoys a pleasant stroll through town and occasionally even goes for a swim in the water. This is his daily routine. Ray and his wife make it a point to ensure that their dog gets enough fresh air and exercise outside while they are out and about in the community greeting people.

If you ask us, we’d say that he’s got it all together right now.

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