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Look!!!The fierce fight to compete for a funny mate of the goblin frog.

In the animal world, battles for mates or terrifying jealousy also occur as a natural law. Photographer Temujin Johnson (25 years old) is one of the lucky ones to catch all of them. Bloody moment a goblin frog competes for a mate in a river 50km from Polokwane, South Africa.

While walking through the quiet marshland, the photographer and friend were suddenly startled by the noise. They happened to see a scene of a group of goblin frogs about 25cm long gathering to compete for a mate during the breeding season. Two of the quite muscular frogs had an extremely intense competition, fighting to the death. blood just for a “frog girl”.

Fighting for a while, seemingly getting a little tired, the two frogs took a few minutes to rest before continuing the intense jealous fight. This goblin frog has two protrusions on its lower jaw that act as teeth to help them have Can grab and knock opponents in mate wars.Taking advantage of all the martial arts, the “terrible” jealousy battle of the goblin frog ended but… none of them won.

However in other fights, after winning, the winning male will make a sound for a few seconds as a declaration. The female will automatically move towards it to prepare for pairing and mating.

Photographer Temujin said that sometimes, younger males lurk around the edges of the lake, approaching the females first and clinging to their backs. The winning male will intervene until the female is released by the other male.

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