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Little Puppy Left In The Road Emerges With A Posse After Scurrying Off To A Brush

A bystander alerted a rescue group after seeing a puppy close to the road. The troop made their way over, ready to save him. The rescuers arrived at the dusty road after driving many kilometres. They could see a little puppy sitting near a worn-down pillar off in the distance.

He appeared to be rather little dog! However, as the rescuers approached, he became agitated and bolted into the brush. The rescuers drew closer and carefully called him, determined to save him. That’s when they received the biggest shock of their lives since there were other little puppies our there.

Food and water were on hand for the rescuers. When they set it down, the puppies bolted! They were both hungry and thirsty! Milan, one of the rescuers, hoped that Mama would come out and join them while they ate. However, there was no sign of the mother. What a pity! At the very least, the puppies were fed.

Milan gathered them after they had eaten to transport them to safety. They were placed into the van, and Milan went on the hunt for their mother once more. They were still hopeful. Unfortunately, she had not been left with them, as they had claimed.

The puppies were returned to their shelter, where they are receiving plenty of love and attention. They will be given all of the necessary vet medications and immunisations before being placed for adoption. Aren’t they lovely? The puppies are safe and sound thanks to folks like Milan and his colleagues.

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