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Lions fight hyenas, cruel war

Lions and hyenas are arch-enemies in the African wild. These two species often fight for each other’s meals, uncompromising battles.

Crowded hyenas try to threaten, attack and eat the lone lion. AND asserted his authority over the lord of the forest.

At first, the lions were completely overwhelmed by the hyenas. Outnumbered, the hyenas chased the lions away. It even pushed the lord of the forest to the riverside in a difficult position to support.

Despite being called the lord of the forest, when alone in front of a herd of hyenas, the lioness proved weaker. Although before that it also growled and attacked back. AND the fight ended when the lioness came to the rescue of her companions.

But now, other lions came and the game was turned upside down. The lion successfully robbed the hyena’s prey. The power of the newly arrived lion caused the hyenas to panic and flee. The hyenas could only watch helplessly at this point.

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