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Let’S Check Out The Process Of Going To The Spa For Health Care And Exfoliating Of The Giant Shark

This great white fish – a four meter tall male is known as “Rudo” . It may look like the fish are simply loitering around to catch leftovers, but the fact that free food is not the reward here – their wanderings serve a different purpose. And if you look closely, you can see it in action!

These mackerel are actually hitting the shark using its sandpaper-like skin to remove the parasites.
Rudo may have been the one inadvertently participating in this exfoliation arrangement, but he’s certainly tolerant of his freelance “spa” guests.

The skin of a shark, a bit like pumice you might use on your feet, is extremely rough. It is covered with tooth-like scales called the root layer, and in some species these structures are hard enough to cause “burning” friction on human skin if rubbed against the grain.

The dentures of great white sharks are shaped like crab claws, and they are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye.

In addition to the built-in chain-like function, the leather dentures also give the sharks enhanced hydrodynamics as they move easily through the water. This is made possible thanks to the grooves in the dentures themselves, similar to those found on the exteriors of today’s fastest fighters and ships.

These grooves must be very closely spaced. Such closely spaced grooves appear to reduce drag by preventing the eddy currents from contacting the surface of a moving object.

These peculiar “skin teeth” are capable of taking some serious force, so it’s no surprise that they easily remove parasites from the skin of passing mackerel!

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