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Leopards fight against each other to assert their supremacy

Dentist and wildlife photographer Reynaldo Leite Martins Junior has captured the true battle of two jaguars for territory.

The jaguar is considered the weakest animal in Africa when its hunting ability and strength are not so outstanding. And they always seem to be vulnerable to ferocious animals like tigers or lions.

The scene of two sheep jaguars fighting each other to assert their strength and compete for territory has recently made many people feel interesting.

What happens when one leopard intends to invade the territory of the other. And of course, neither child will give in to the other.

The two began to growl menacingly at each other. Then, feeling unable to stand still forever, a leopard rushed to bite the other. Being attacked, the other leopard was also angry and they rushed to bite each other.

The fierce battle lasted only about 5 minutes and ended when both were tired. Only when one of them intends to leave, the match invites to an end. What a great experience for the photographer.!!

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