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Lebanese Commandos Grit Their Teeth And Eat Live Snakes As They Display Their Strength And Daring During A Security Convention In Beirut

Lebanon’s commandos have been busy displaying their strength and toughness by performing a variety of daring stunts at a security convention in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

One of the most bizarre and horrific challenges undertaken by some of the Lebanese commandos is the eating of snakes, using just their bare teeth to kill the animals.

Other commandos show off their toughness by pulling a large armoured vehicle with just a small rope around their shoulders.

During the live ceremony, which takes place every year, the Lebanese army commandos have to take a live snake and use their teeth to tear the animal apart.

Dressed in full military fatigues and beret, the commandos hold the head and the tail in opposite hands and powerfully bite down into the squirming animal’s scaly flesh.

It is believed the tradition is based on an old Arabic proverb, in which it is said that a man must prove his strength by biting off the head of a live snake.

As well as the horrific snake eating challenge, commandos also have a chance to demonstrate their supposed manliness by completing a tricky zip wire.

Several of the soldiers also appear to show off their shooting skills as they come down the rope. However, the challenge appears relatively straight forward in comparison to the colossal task undertaken by other commandos.

One powerfully built soldier decided to test his strength by pulling a large armoured personnel carrier. Using just a thick rope, the soldier appears to roar with pain as he jeers himself up into pulling the vehicle.

His sleeves rolled up to reveal his bulging biceps, the soldier has a large piece of sponge to cushion the rope against his neck as he slowly begins to pull the heavy vehicle.

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