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Kind Police Officers Help Stray Pit Bull Complete His Bucket List During His Last Moments

Cops are true heroes and the following story proves that. Eddie, a Pit Bull, was discovered as a stray on the streets. He was diagnosed with an inoperable malignancy and given less than a year to live by rescuers.

Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue is currently caring for him, and he has been placed in a foster home with a loving family, where he will spend the remainder of his days.

To help him experience the life he’s missed out on before it’s too late, an entire town has come together to make his final time on Earth the best it can be. Eddie checked “becoming a K9 cop for a day” off his bucket list with the help of the Pasco Police Department!

Eddie received his own police outfit and was given the opportunity to ride in a patrol car with policemen in Pasco, Washington. Eddie got to eat a tasty Starbucks Puppuccino and play in a tub filled with toys after spending the day as a K9 officer!

He’s also checked off activities on his bucket list like bouncing on a trampoline, drinking a beer with his father, and visiting his favourite television station. Eddie’s past is unknown, and he was certainly not handled the way a dog should be treated, yet his final days on Earth are filled with love.

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