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It looked like it could be the end when the huge monster was rammed into a tight space with the lions taking it down.

A giant hippopotamus turned the tables on the pride of the lions when they tried to attack it – by fighting itself out of a difficult situation before driving away the ferocious predators. A herd of lionesses stalks a lone hippo across the plains.

But instead of being a dinner for pride, hippos bravely fight back and lions turn on their heels – fearing they might taste their own medicine. The hippopotamus blows and drives away the pride of the lions after fighting them. A lioness lunged at the hippo from behind and tried to put her teeth in its back.

Four lionesses join forces with the hippo after forcing it into a ditch. The giant hippo was attacked from behind by one of the hungry lionesses. Amazingly, the hippo escaped and returned to the river. In the photos, a male lion circles the hippo before two female lions jump up and try to knock it down.

The giant mammal was herded into a muddy ditch and appeared to be in serious trouble. Four lionesses try to stuff the hippo’s back. The four lions looked like they wanted to wrap themselves around the monster, but somehow it resisted them and they ran away. Hippo stares at a running lioness after somehow winning.

One of the predators gaped at the aquatic creature as another stalked it. They seemed to have won when the hippo was forced into a ditch and four lionesses jumped on its back. But in an instant, the hippo bared its teeth and tried to shake off its pride.

The lions were sent to scramble across the grasslands and the hippo even began to chase them away as it snarled triumphantly. The hippopotamus stared right down the camera and growled after the defeat.
Trying to escape the ferocious creatures, hippos run through thick mud.

It looked like it could be the end when the big monster was rammed into a tight space with the lions taking down. The hippopotamus looked tireless as a lioness grabbed it from behind.

One of the lionesses crawled on top of the unsuspecting hippo, hiding in the long grass. The hippo grinned as he escaped the brutal battle still alive.

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