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Is the tiger truly deserving of the title of lord?

The mother tiger caught a Sambar deer while hunting with four young cubs in the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve in Madhya state, Pardesh, India. This is a rare confrontation recorded from very close to the camera.

According to the recorded photos., during the struggle that lasted more than 20 minutes, the hungry tiger clenched its teeth into the deer’s neck in an attempt to kill its prey. It seemed that the deer would easily lose its life. But the deer did not give up easily when it bravely attacked the predator to try to escape.

While being bitten by the tiger’s neck, the deer used its hind legs to launch kicks in the face of the predator. Four tiger cubs at one point rushed to support their mother to take down the prey. With the efforts of the deer, the tiger seems to want to change tactics. The deer seemed to have no chance of survival when the hungry tiger changed its tactic of biting on its hind legs.

But with unyielding efforts, the little deer succeeded, quickly escaped the clutches of the hungry tiger and ran as fast as possible to the hiding place. Leaving a hungry tiger regretting its lost prey.

The intense battle between tigers and deer was captured by photographer Sudhir Shivaram, 43, during his exploration at Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. “This is the first time I have witnessed tigers hunting at a distance. almost like that. The opportunity to see tigers hunting in the wild is extremely rare,” said photographer Shivaram.

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