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Intense Battle To Save Baby Elephant From Mother Elephant’S Crocodile Jaws

A protective mother elephant and a ferocious crocodile engage in an epic fight in Zambia, as seen in these dramatic photos.

The female elephant and her cub were attacked while drinking in the river. A vicious alligator jumps out of the murky waters and bites the female’s torso.

When a baby elephant and its mother drank wine in the river, the crocodile jumped out of the water. When the thief attacked, the baby elephant hid behind its mother. The elephant was forced to his knees as the crocodile thrashed around.

Despite the predator gripping its trunk, the elephant refused to give up and turned away from the water, despite being dragged down by its hind legs.

Once out of the water, the female can use incredible strength to knock the crocodile out. Despite a second scare when the baby tripped as the pair ran away, she and her baby survived the attack.

The elephant managed to turn his back to the water despite all the elephant’s best efforts.

The mother moved away from the water, the crocodile still gripping her, with her baby safe on the other side.
The big elephant pulled the crocodile out of the water as it left.

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