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Incredible transformation of the si.ckly Kitten into Prince Charming!

He was obviously very well cared for, and also shown a lot of love which is a great he.aler!

Thank everyone involved in saving this precious kitty and giving him a forever loving home he is adorable and very handsome and so precious!
When Walter White met Lauren, he was a sk.inny, si.ckly cat. She held him in her arms and warmed me up like a baby, praying that he would live.

Lauren was like a real mother; she stayed up all night with Walter and [syringe-fe.d] him until he could feed himself.
He, thanks to her love and patience! Then Walter took her child as if he were his mother, and Lauren claimed that the cat was a destiny bestowed upon her!

Walter not only, but grew up healthy and handsome. He has the desired white fur as well as extremely cool expressions.
Lauren shared his backstory, which moved everyone and made them admire Lauren’s kindness even more.

Walter has a [tra.gic] past, but he now has a wonderful home thanks to Lauren, his human mama!
Sincere thanks to the person who owns this adorable cat. You are indeed an Angel in disguise!
God bless you both. ❤️🙏🙏

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