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Incredible moment Crocodile splits turtle carcass into hundreds of pieces in danger

THESE staggering photos show why you should NEVER smile at a crocodile – or be taken in and stop to talk awhile, for that matter.

Flesh flies through the air in the gory snaps, as the saltwater crocodile shreds apart a dead turtle with its Tyrannosaurus Rex-like strength.

The Olive Ridley sea turtle was found washed-up on the coast in Northern Territory, Australia, two weeks ago after it died inside a fishing net.

Park ranger Dani Best discovered the dead reptile, cut it free from the net and left it on the beach in view of a wildlife monitoring camera.

The footage showed a handful of predators approach the turtle hoping for an easy meal.

However, after a young croc took a small bite, the mammoth predator pictured in these stunning snaps soon burst from the sea looking for lunch.

Saltwater crocodiles have the most powerful bite of any living creature, with scientists comparing it to the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.

It wasn’t long before the picturesque beach on the Cobourg Peninsula, some 200 miles east of Darwin, is littered with shell fragments.

Saltwater crocodiles can snap their jaws shut with a bite force of 3,700 pounds per square inch – four times more powerful than a lion and 25 times more than a human.

“No other animal on the planet has a comparable bite force to a crocodile,” Crocodylus Park and Zoo owner Grahame Webb told NT News.

Males have been known to reach sizes of up to 23 feet (7 metres) long and weighing 157-stone (1,000 kg).

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