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Husky Dog Saves Cat’s Life And They Built A Strong Bond Together

The Comeback Kids planned to nurse a two-week-old homeless kitten back to health and find her a home since she was in a critical situation. Things did not go as planned, though, until a cute husky stepped in to comfort the kitten and nurse it back to health.

Rosie, a little kitten, was not in good conditions, and even refused to sip milk. The rescuers attempted to feed her every few hours, 24 hours a day, but she refused. When a sweet husky named Lilo took an interest in the tiny cat, she was in her last minutes.

Lilo and the kitten were paired in the hopes that the dog might be able to assist the kitten in some way. Lilo, on the other hand, went above and beyond. She took over as Rosie’s mother, lavishing her with love, affection, and cuddles.

They tried to feed the kitten milk a few hours after their introduction, with Lilo’s affection and attention. Much to the relief of the Comeback Kids, the cat was now calmed by Lilo and ready to accept her first meal from them.

Lilo was completely dedicated to caring for the tiny kitten and never left her side, not even to eat. The kitten and the adorable puppy began to build a strong friendship. Their wonderful bond became stronger as the kitty grew stronger.

Lilo had now taken on the role of Rosie’s mother and had undoubtedly saved her life. Lilo let the cute cat pounce and play with her while they played together. They were inseparable and obviously adored one another.

The Comeback Kids rescue a lot of kittens and make it a point to find them homes. There are simply too many cats to keep them all. However, in the instance of Rosie, they made an exception because Lilo adored her so much that she adopted her.

Lilo and Rosie are now adults who do everything together. Rosie is more of a dog than a cat, and she follows Lilo everywhere, including kayaking! They even wear matching shark life vests while they’re out on the water, and they couldn’t be cuter.

also walks on a leash, goes on park walks, goes trekking with them, swims, and enjoys road trips. Life is a fun journey for these two, and they want to spend it together.

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