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Hungry Otters Transform Into Predatory When Attacking Alligator

These Photos of an Otter Attacking an Alligator Proves Otters Are the New Honey Badger. It’s definitely not the first animal to pick a fight with a much more ferocious creature during a bout of hunger, but this one will probably surprise you.

An otter went after an alligator in photos that were released by Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in De Leon Springs, Fla. on its Facebook page. The images were taken in 2021 by Geoff Walsh, but the refuge didn’t post the photos online until earlier this week.

The photos depicting the attack have to be seen to be believed. We thought otters were adorable animals until this one proved it was more dangerous than an alligator.

Living among alligators means every creature must have a killer instinct and be ready to defend itself, even the cute, fuzzy ones.

Do you know how the honey badger does whatever he wants? Otters are apparently honey badgers on steroids. The otter eventually won the battle and pulled up to a nearby riverbank to enjoy a meal, showing the rest of the wildlife refuge who’s really in charge.

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