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Huge python swallows a deer whole before regurgitating its meal

The Indian Rock Python stretches its jaws and swallows its prey, before spitting its dinner out. Wildlife photographer and conservationist, Sarosh Lodhi, from Central India, shot the footage in Kanha National Park. Sarosh, 44, says: ‘I was four metres away from the snake and spotted it after a few other tourists directed me.

‘The Indian Rock Python was easily around three-and-a-half metres long. But I never felt scared as it already had its mouth full. ‘At first, the python swallows the spotted deer but then it suddenly backed out, regurgitating its kill. ‘There were wild dogs nearby and the movement of other carnivores in the vicinity may have made the python do so.

‘It took the python just 25 seconds to bring its meal back up.’ Despite years of experience as a photograph, Sarosh has never seen this encounter before. He says: ‘For the last two decades of my wildlife experience, this was the first time I’ve witnessed something so spectacular. ‘A python regurgitating is rare to witness, I sacrificed a tiger sighting close by to video this extremely rare moment.

‘Although I feel sad for the deer, it’s the law of nature. I feel extremely lucky for having shot this video.’ The Indian Rock Python is a non-venomous snake that can grow over seven metres long. Their eyesight is extremely poor but they track their prey by its body heat. Snakes commonly regurgitate food if they need to flee quickly or if their meal is too large for them to handle.

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