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Horror Suffocating Battle Between 2 Lions And 1 Buffalo.

Two lions showed why they were so scared, with a brutal attack on a large buffalo. The prowling duo, believed to be brothers, were chasing their prey and were seen rolling into their party.

An adult buffalo can weigh up to 910kg, but this huge beast cannot match the lion kings. A male lion approaches the buffalo herd from afar before the deadly attack. The buffalo tries to escape the encirclement of the frightened lion during the attack.

One of the lions clawed at its massive prey as another looked on menacingly. The buffalo is attacked by one of the lions, it tries to grab it with its teeth. Two lions surrounded the buffalo, the buffalo could not escape the deadly predators.

One of the lions is painted with blood stains under its mouth as it eats buffalo meat. A lion silences a buffalo after the giant beast is killed.

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