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Horrifying Moment 12 Wild Dogs Teach Their Children The Fastest Way To Hunt.

This shocking set of photos shows just how terrifying a pack of wild puppies can be. Dozens of puppies were caught when they took down a full-grown male antelope in a game reserve. 12 pups get seven adult feral dogs for just things to do and end with a hearty lunch.

Wild dogs hunt in packs and these pups learn the art of isolating their prey at an early age, injuring them, and slowly leaving them alone until they’re ready to kill. As they play in a puddle, the wild puppies appear cuddly and utterly adorable but are actually being trained to be killer machines.

These amazing images of wild puppies are urged on by 7 adult dogs. Antelopes live in packs of large families, but wild dogs chase them to catch the weaker ones. The wildebeest that succumbed to the herd was eventually brought to the ground and the puppies began to eat it even before the poor creature died. Wild dogs are a common sight in the southern plains, where they prey on antelope and antelope, but they also feed on smaller creatures such as cane rats and porcupines.

It is the same tactic used by lions and other African carnivores and when they finally succeed in isolating an antelope, they attack repeatedly, biting it until the beast wounded were brought to the ground. In the end, the brave creature succumbed to blood loss and the whole swarm of carnivores. Despite looking similar to hyenas, wild dogs are killers while hyenas tend to eat animals killed by other predators.

Although they have no natural predators, they are occasionally shot dead by farmers and are now an endangered species. They may be distantly related to pet dogs found in Europe but these animals are certainly wild and they show no mercy on their prey once it has been targeted. In some photos, the animals frolic in puddles and look really harmless but they are some of the best predators.

Wild dogs may not be as fast as cheetahs, but they do have impressive turning speeds and regularly reach speeds of 40 miles per hour while pursuing their prey. Wild dogs are an endangered species in many parts of southern Africa, although their only predators are humans. They are sometimes shot by breeders and can also contract diseases spread by domesticated dogs.

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