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Horrifying 2 Elephants Weighing More Than 6 Tons Attacked Each Other Fiercely And The Unexpected Cause Behind.

This is the incredible moment two six-ton ​​male elephants clashed in a 10-minute battle just meters away from a walking tour. The mighty animals leveled the trees as they locked their tusks, rushing at each other and grappling with their trunks.

The images show two elephants fight ing with each other before their two giant tusks collide head-on. Trees were shoved into steppe bushes as the commotion continued, with the larger bull winning. To witness an incredible fight with animals as large as these two bulls is an incredible thing.

Two male elephants fight, clashing tusks as they walk around the National Park. The sheer size of these magnificent creatures is astounding and we estimate the weight of each to be around six tons. I’ve been a guide for four years and I’ve never seen an elephant fight in person before. The experience is quite an interesting sight.

Hear tusks clash, trees and branches snap as you watch these giants fight for reproductive rights. The fight lasts a total of about 10 minutes, each elephant will take turns challenging each other. The two animals faced each other as they leveled the surrounding trees, kicking up dust.

In the end, the bigger of the bulls won and drove the other one away. The pair of six-ton ​​creatures trumpeted each other before clashing just meters away from the tour. Elephants are generally docile, but when it comes to mating, they become brooding.

This state pushes their testosterone levels up to 60 times normal levels along with extreme aggression.
Sometimes in battle, one could hear the tusks of each elephant slamming against the other’s voice.

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