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Honey Badger Recklessly Digs Cape Fox Burrow To Kidnap Cubs For Lunch

The honey badger is renowned as one of Bush’s toughest characters. But then it met these two Cape foxes, which were willing to put up a fight. Keen nature photographers Sharifa and Mohammed Jinnah share a spectacular wildlife moment.

Towards the end of last year, Sharifa and Mohammed Jinnah visited the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, one of their favorite photographic destinations – and it did not disappoint!

“On our last day in the Kgalagadi, we were making our way back to Twee Rivieren and had just passed Leeudril when we suddenly heard animal distress calls. We saw a cloud of dust by the side of the road so we stopped the car.

“We could see a Cape fox, barking loudly, and a black-backed jackal in the background. Then a honey badger came running from behind a bush with another Cape fox in hot pursuit.

“The honey badger stopped and started digging. It was trying to dig out the Cape fox den to get at the cubs.“The Cape foxes were doing all they could to save the cubs. They worked together as a team; one would bark at the badger from the front while the other would try to get in a bite or two from the rear.

“But the foxes were very quick to flee as soon as the badger turned on one of them. “One of the cubs lost its nerve… It came out of the den and bolted down the road. “Another cub emerged from one entrance to the den and hot-footed it to another entrance. “The bravery of the foxes was paying off and the badger was getting frustrated.

“Eventually the badger ran off, hoping for an easier meal elsewhere. The face says it all: ‘That’s it, I’m out of here!’ “The Kgalagadi surprises and thrills once again!”

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