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Homeless Mama Dog Protects Her Puppies After Giving Birth On The Streets

The following story is about a homeless mama dog that gave birth on the street and protected her puppies at all costs. Tracey Smith contacted Hope For Paws about a homeless mama dog who had recently given birth to a litter of puppies in a nursery near the interstate. Two HFP volunteers came at the nursery promptly to look for the mother, as they needed to make sure she was safe before approaching her puppies.

They tried to entice the mother near them with food when they finally found her, but she was too nervous. They realised that using a humane trap was their best shot for catching her.

Fortunately, it worked, and they were able to apprehend her. After securing her, they used food to gain her trust. After the Hawaiian volcano Haleakala in Maui, they decided to call daughter Haleakala. Because Haleakala was still jittery, rescuers hoped that seeing her babies would reassure her that they were there to help.

They gathered the puppies and laid them on a blanket near the mama’s cage. Then they returned to make sure no more puppies had been left behind. Haleakala and her six puppies were subsequently returned to the rescuers’ clinic, where they were fed and given much-needed baths.

Haleakala was ecstatic to be safe and warm with all of her children. The puppies were given the names Leilani, Molokai, Kalani, Koa, Luana, and Kaiko by the rescuers.

In fact, Haleakala used to be afraid of humans, but she is now extremely sociable and trusting of everyone she meets! And, thankfully, the story has a nice end. Haleakala and her puppies have all found loving forever homes since then!

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