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Heartbreaking moment Elephant tramples man in India after ‘locals threw stones as it gave birth to a calf’

This is moment horror shows an elephant guarding her sick newborn trampled a man to death after she was hit with stones.

Distressing footage showed the mother struggling to get the calf to stand and move away from locals who filmed the pair in Ajnashuli, West Bengal, India, reports VN Express.

The mother elephant tries to protect her weak baby from the people around. She is seen kicking up dust and standing protectively over her baby, who she is trying to push away from the onlookers.

She also stamps her feet and marks the area – a clear warning to stay away. The mother had been trying to move her calf to nearby forest after she gave birth near a dry lake.

The people of India continuously chased away both the mother and the baby elephant, and the mother got mad at the massive attack of the local people. But the stressed mammal became overwhelmed and charged at the crowd when villagers threw stones, according to local reports.

She killed 27-year-old Shailen Mahato during her rampage. Shortly after the attack, 10 other elephants appeared in the area causing panic among terrified locals. Elephants live in herds, so when one of the herds is attacked, they will come to protect them.

Further footage shows three elephants running through the forest as they chased villagers.

Forest rangers have cordoned off the area as the baby calf is still not strong enough to move into the jungle. Authorities say they will not be able to move the mother back to the forest until she calms down.

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