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Have You Ever Witnessed The Birth Of A Giraffe?

This giant giraffe may be moving with those long and slender legs, but you better believe there’s a baby on the way!

You must be very lucky to have witnessed the incredible moment the giraffe, Amahle, took its first steps shortly after it was born.

Sure, his delivery may not be for the faint of heart, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. What an incredible moment captured on camera!

Be amazed by how quickly a baby can stand on his thin and wobbly legs – but this is really common among giraffes.

Giraffes have a pretty shocking entrance into the world – they fall about 6 feet from their mother’s womb to the ground. It took a few minutes for the baby giraffe to get its bearings, in which the giraffe was licked by its mother. he is clean. Within an hour, most calves are standing and taking their first steps.

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