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Grey Langur while drinking water got its arm caught to the jaws of Mugger Crocodile

In the food chain, crocodiles will lurch on the banks of the river, waiting for the animals to drink water by the river, such as small and medium-sized animals that are attacked and bitten by the crocodile, it is difficult to escape from the crocodile mouth.

Recently in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka, a staff member photographed: a gray langur came to drink water by the river and was bitten by the arm of a crocodile . Form a confrontation. A very rare sighting while on safari in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. A Grey Langur while drinking water in the afternoon got its arm caught to the jaws of a Mugger Crocodile. For over an hour the struggle ensued as the monkey was fighting for its life.

Later the monkey managed to get its arm free from the jaws of its would be killer. But with the struggle, it is not surprising if the monkey had broken its arm, which can be deadly in the wild. This is nature in its most raw form. A struggle of survival and of Life and Death.

When the staff uploaded this small video to foreign social networking sites, it attracted the attention of many netizens. Many netizens asked the final result, did the monkey get rid of the crocodile, or the crocodile swallowed the monkey? It may be to attract attention. The staff did not give the final result. The result of the gray leaf monkey confronting the crocodile is unknown .

In the food chain of the crocodile, the adult crocodile mainly feeds on small and medium ungulates, livestock, wild boars, monkeys, monitor lizards, water birds, etc. The crocodile has a strong bite force and its teeth are also very sharp, but they can The prey bites to death and cannot chew food because the crocodile’s teeth are deeply implanted in the gums and are conical or cylindrical.

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