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Gorgeous Footage shows Rare sighting of Lynx family crossing road in Manitoba (Video Inside)

Love their discussions.

What you wrote up above about territorial dispute, that was what I was actually thinking. That is too much!! Thank you for sharing this once in a lifetime video. Count yourself lucky you were able to see and video this for us. I would have been totally thrilled to be there in person just taking in on what was happening.

Heard something like this in the woods in my backyard tonight and it freaked me out. Haven’t heard it yet this season. Not sure if it was a fox, Fisher cat, or possibly a lynx. I’m in Connecticut. Noise freaks me out but it’s fascinating. It was definitely two of them I heard. This sounds exactly like the two neighborhood cats who have both decided my backyard is THEIRS and constantly fight over it a 3 am until I yell “hey break it up” and they scatter.

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