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Golden Retriever And German Shepherd Puppy Get Curious About Their Bunny Brother

One widespread misunderstanding is that larger-breed dogs are more likely to be violent. Large-breed dog owners would undoubtedly disagree with this. In actuality, these furballs tend to be sweeter than others.

The idea that large-breed dogs typically pose a threat to smaller animals is another prevalent myth. Some even contend that because these canines are much larger than some species, they might have a propensity to attempt and devour the smaller creatures. Again, the canines’ fur parents would undoubtedly disagree.

When the owners of a German Shepherd named Rocky and a Golden Retriever named Bailey decided to adopt a new animal, they had no intention of having another dog. They were given a brown bunny instead, which they eventually called Sam. Bailey and Rocky were not harsh toward Sam, as some people had assumed. In a video that was uploaded online, the two were seen sitting on the couch with their bunny sibling and simply sniffing him.

Bailey did occasionally bark, but it was obvious that he was doing so because he was curious. Although Sam was spotted nibbling on Rocky, it was clear that he had no malicious intent. Sam, meanwhile, seemed uninterested in his brothers. He simply continued going about his business, oblivious to Bailey’s piercing barks.

Since it was posted, the video has received over 1 million views. It demonstrates unequivocally that Bailey and Rocky are nothing more than gentle giants. Despite being much larger than Sam, it is obvious that they had no intention of hurting him.

The three furry companions have a great possibility of becoming best friends, even if it may still be a little early to say for sure. Watch the video below to observe the sweet interaction between the three:

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