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Giant Python Pays Dearly When Trying To Swallow Kangaroos

A 6 m long dust python tries to swallow large prey and has to pay with his life for his gluttony. Russell Boserio, a 64-year-old man from Cairns city in northern Queensland state, Australia, discovered pythons and wallabies in the back of his house while gardening, Courier Mail reported on December 16. The python choked to death while swallowing its bait in the bushes behind the house.

“I found the large dust python was swallowing half the body of an adult kangaroo, the kangaroo body from the bottom down was still lying outside,” Boserio said. “I once encountered a female wallaby and her young in the same area, so this one that was eaten could be the father.”

Boserio contacted Cairns City Council to bury the bodies of the two animals as they began to decompose in the heat.

The bush python is the largest python species in Australia, growing up to 8.5 meters long. They mainly eat birds, other reptiles and frogs, but sometimes they also eat wallabies.

A common python species in the area, bush pythons are non-venomous and pose no threat to humans, although they still attack livestock and small animals. With a length of 3.6 m and a weight of 4.6 kg, this python can threaten the children of Mears. However, because it was underneath a container and couldn’t be pulled out, Natusch advised Mears to protect the children by closing windows and doors in the house.

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