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German Shepherd Befriends Prairie Dog Forming A Sweet But Unusual Friendship

The prairie dog was brought into the Williams’ home by Taylor and her husband Brad on April 21, 2016. Because the musician died on the same day, they gave him the name Prince in his honor. The Williams’ discovered very early that rearing a prairie dog requires a very different approach than that of a typical canine. They completed an extensive amount of research and gained a great deal of knowledge from prairie dog expert Gena Seaberg.

Prince possesses a great deal of charisma and a high level of intelligence. Even while he is very different from regular canines in several ways, he is also very similar to them in several others. Not only is he similar to them, but he has created a unique bond with one of the Williams’ dogs, a German Shepherd named Banksy. This shows that he is quite close to the Williams family. They hit it off immediately when they became acquainted with one another.

Banksy has an extremely affectionate relationship with Prince; she licks him often and is always eager to play with him. Prince adores messing about with Banksy and is constantly bothering him in the same manner that a younger sibling does. When they aren’t having fun together playing games, they like to nap and cuddle up together. Prince can almost always be found dozing in the space between Banksy’s knees.

Begging for snacks, racing on his wheel, and getting into mischief are all activities that Prince enjoys doing. Despite having the word “dog” in their name, prairie dogs are not related to canines in any way. It turns out that these rodents are the kind that digs burrows and can be found naturally in the grasslands of North America.

You can keep up with Prince and all of his exploits by visiting his Instagram profile. In the footage that follows, Prince and Banksy can be seen:

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