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Gazelle’s mum desperately tries to save Baby from the clutches of Giant Eagle

A mother gazelle has been pictured desperately trying to save her baby from the clutches of a giant eagle. The distraught mum can be seen approaching the bird of prey as it sits defiantly with one huge claw resting on its catch.

The somber scene was captured by Linda Skeen during a trip to the Massai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The 65-year-old, from Wyoming USA, said: “All of a sudden a huge Martial Eagle swooped over the top of the safari wagon.

“We were all a little confused about its intent then it tried to take off once again but couldn’t get airborne because it had captured a brand-new baby Thompson’s Gazelle in its talons. “It took a few moments for the mother to realize that the eagle had her fawn in its grip.

“At one point the Martial Eagle had one talon on the skull of the fawn and reached out with its other talon grasping the mother gazelle‘s head. “As wildlife and outdoor photographer, you are a witness to the reality of life, watching the interaction of animals.

“There is always life and death in nature. Honestly, I was hoping the mother would free her fawn, but the reality of the situation was not in her favor. “It was difficult to watch, in fact, heart-wrenching. The cruelty and reality of life and death is never my favourite thing to witness.”

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