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Escaping from the crocodile’s jaws, the bad luck still clings to the poor antelope

While engrossed in drinking water, the impala was unfortunately bitten on the thigh by a Nile crocodile. Suddenly, under the water, a crocodile more than 2m long appeared, jumped up to the shore and pulled the antelope and submerged it under the mud.

After that, this “swamp killer” easily knocked the prey to the ground and waited for the opportunity to finish the antelope. The incident took place in a split second, making all witnesses stunned. , amazing.

What happened next was even more thrilling. Unknown by the miraculous power from where, the antelope was still able to get its head out of the mud and try to jump onto the shore despite a pair of legs still being held in the crocodile’s mouth.

However, that doesn’t mean the antelope’s bad luck is over. The story is that when the young antelope was struggling with the crocodile, the remaining antelopes were very alarmed and let out loud calls to communicate and alert each other. It was those sounds that alerted a leopard that was looking for food nearby.

With his experience and magic, the leopard quietly approached the fighting area and lay ambush in the bushes. A unique opportunity came to the leopard, when the little antelope had just escaped from the mud and hobbled its first steps on the shore. Immediately, from the bush, the leopard jumped out and finished the poor antelope.

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