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Encounter Between Hippo, Antelope And Wild Dog

An antelope narrowly escaped death when it was eaten alive three times, after being chased by a pack of wild dogs, sniffed by crocodiles and attacked by hippos.

The antelope and its pack were chased by an aggressive pack of wild dogs, before being taken to a nearby waterhole to safety.

However, the antelope is not alone as a crocodile lurks in the water, ready to strike.The gazelle’s troubles are only about to get worse, when an agitated hippo opens its jaws ready to bite it. After several attempts to attack the antelope, the hippo gave up, letting the poor animal run to safety.

The hippopotamus stalks and attacks the female waterbuck calf with aggression and tries to bite it, possibly because it is in their territory.

“A pack of hippos was excited by the playful and cheeky nature of the dogs, who had previously mocked hippos, and one individual was clearly enough.

“He made his intentions clear by storming onto the scene and causing an uproar, scaring the crocodile and seeing the dogs slam into the brakes.

“A stalemate ensued with the warblers in the safety of the water, the feral dogs eventually getting bored and moving into the woods, allowing the warblers to escape.”

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