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Elephants Chase Off Hippos To Claim The Prime Spot At The Watering Hole

The spectacular collision of giants in the wild was captured on camera on Sunday, August 9 in the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, South Africa. The elephant’s bad temper quickly turned into kicks and the hippo was forced to turn around and run away.

Seeing one of their herds in trouble, the herd of tons of elephants joined the chase, causing the hippo to race for safety. Both the female elephant and some members of the herd tried to capture the hippo with their massive bodies.

But luckily, the pachyderm’s peace came when the hippos moved to a more muddy area of the watering hole. Corlette, who lives in Crocodile Nature Reserve, just north of Johannesburg, said it was the first time she had seen anything like this.

She said: ‘I’m no expert on animal behaviour, but I think this elephant cow got mad at two hippos near where she was busy drinking. The ‘hippo she chases’ is called ‘Harry’ because you can identify it by its deformed teeth.

‘She taunted him at first and then quickly turned to a tough chase, where she chased him across the water, stabbing him with a tree trunk and pushing him. ‘While she was chasing him, another hippo ran into the bushes and the rest of the elephant heard it ran towards the hippo.

‘I think they’re going to kill the hippo, to be honest, when the whole herd of elephants runs after the hippo with ferocity. ‘I couldn’t see much after they chased them into the bushes and only a long time later ‘Harry’ was back in the waterhole with the cow elephant still chasing him.

‘He went into thick mud and everything settled down. All the elephants were trumpeting the whole time, it was really crazy, it all happened so fast. ‘ Corlette said the other hippo also appeared later with some blood on its side but was unharmed. “I’ve seen elephants excited before with hippos but it’s usually just a swish or swing of a tree trunk at them but never like this, this is a full action to kill hippos.”

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