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Elephant Rescue Its Baby Nearly Hunted Down By A Group Of Hungry Lionesses

Okay, I’m not advocating cruelty against lions, but when it comes to defending baby elephants with some good old-fashioned karma then my loyalties are kinda split. It’s the animal kingdom. Anything goes, baby!

A pride of lions who thought they were in for an easy lunch came close to being flattened when they were charged by a furious mother elephant when she found them trying to make a meal of her baby.

A series of photos shot in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe by photographer Kevin Dooley captures the moment a curious baby elephant nearly met his maker when hunted down by a group of hungry lionesses.

Despite attempts from his older brothers to frighten the lions away, it almost looks like the little elephant’s time is up. But then the momma elephant comes charging through the bush, making a beeline for the lions who have pinned her baby to the ground, sending them scampering into the distance.

The elephants reunite where the little one probably got scolded in elephant talk for not listening and straying away from the pack or something.

‘You never listen to a bloody word I say, do you? And then what happens, you get floored by a bunch of lions, that’s what happens,’ I imagine the elephant mum would probably say.

In the background a warthog and a meerkat are having some kind of interspecies chat about the state of things, possibly breaking into song at some point to cheer up a tiny lion whose only wish was to have a bit of elephant for dinner.

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