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Elephant Pushes Impalas Out Of The Way To Get Watering Hole All To Himself

This elephant had absolutely zero interest in waiting his turn at a watering hole in a Botswana national park, and pushed his way to the front of the line, sending terrified impalas flying left, right, and center.

The impalas had, quite rightly, been enjoying a drink at the watering hole in the Nxai Pans park when a large bull elephant came stomping along, demanding to get the water all to himself.

The elephant charged up the watering hole, with the impalas scattering to avoid being hit by his large trunk. The incident was captured by Johan Barnard, 50, from Cape Town, South Africa.

Mr. Barnard said: ‘At midday, the whole area was baking hot and we were looking out across the only watering hole for miles around.

‘After a while, a bull elephant approached, looking for a drink – although initially, he didn’t seem interested in the other animals that were around.

‘Before we knew it, the elephant was swinging its trunk and kicking its legs out in what looked like an effort to get the other animals to leave the water’s edge.

‘He didn’t cause any injuries, but he certainly had the watering hole to himself after that. If it had been a human, it would have been quite rude.’

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