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Eagles use sharp claws to pounce on poisonous snakes on the sand

On a game drive, in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, André and Annette Ligthelm came across an injured puff adder lying in the road. The scene soon changed with the arrival of two hungry goshawks.

During our visit to the Kgalagadi in May, we came across a puff adder that was injured on the road between Mata Mata and the Sitsas waterhole. Shortly after our arrival, two juvenile pale chanting goshawks arrived on the scene.

Initially, they were frightened by the movement of the snake but started attacking it after a few minutes. The snake was killed after approximately 10 minutes. One of the birds flew away with the snake and started eating it in a dense patch of grass. This unfortunately eliminated any further photographic opportunities!

A viper was crawling on the sand, only to be spotted by an eagle looking up to the sky, an eagle immediately flew down from the sky to attack the venomous snake, the poisonous snake saw the falcon, not allowed. Runaway quickly, but quickly stick the snake’s head on the ground to stop the flying eagle from attacking!

It’s just that the eagle has already seen the weak point of the venomous snake, no matter how squirming the snake is, the eagle’s long talons will also use a talon to grab the snake’s head and stomp the snake’s head into the ground, poisonous snakes can’t move!

The flying eagle saw that the venomous snake was injured, so he trampled it to death, unable to resist, biting the snake’s head with one paw, brought the venomous snake to a safe place, and then ate the animal’s flesh, seeing its terrible nature. of the snake, a natural enemy, in nature one thing falls into another!

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