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Dramatic Moment Two Alaskan Sea Otters Fight For A Giant Octopus In The Pacific Ocean After Knocking It Down

This is the moment another sea otter in Alaska’s Kachemak Bay was spotted gobbling up a giant Pacific octopus.

The giant Pacific octopus can grow up to 15 feet long and weigh nearly 50 pounds. The animal’s 2,000 suckers and fleshy arms are so strong they can leave patches of rough skin, and even adult men struggle to shake them.

“It hung around on the boat for about five minutes,” Luck recalls. “It kept swimming and changing directions because the water was a little rough, and there were a few gulls running after it around trying to grab the octopus. They seemed quite possessive of the octopus.”

It’s unclear whether this particular otter was chasing its “eight-legged” lunch or simply picking up carcasses, but this isn’t the first time otters have been seen hunting octopus in the area.

Interestingly, many of the otters seen snacking on the Kraken are adult females with their young in tow. Baby otters suckle from their mothers for about six months, but they will stay with their mothers as they learn to dive and feed. It is possible that the additional caloric needs of the mother-child pair put formidable prey like these octopuses at risk.

Because of that intense appetite, many communities refer to these animals as “sea rats” that wreak havoc on local ecosystems. However, bad reputation is mostly not taken seriously.

As a species, sea otters eat more than 50 different types of prey, but an individual usually chooses to eat only two to three. Food preferences are passed from mother to offspring, and resource allocation helps control competition among otters living in close proximity.

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