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‘Drama’ extremely rare battle between elephants and rhinos

The epic battle between elephants and rhinoceros, giants in the animal kingdom makes viewers extremely excited.Wildlife photographer Andrew Forsyth was extremely lucky to capture this breathtaking scene of an epic battle between elephants and rhinos at a waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia, South Africa.

According to Andrew Forsyth shared, elephants often monopolize the waterhole until they have quenched their thirst, any animals that come near the waterhole while the elephant is drinking water will be chased away, including beasts like Lion.

In the wild, elephants and rhinos do not really collide, and there is very little recorded animosity between these two large herbivores. In the animal kingdom, elephants and rhinos are considered giants that are not easily desecrated.

When the rhinoceros appeared near the waterhole area, everyone thought there would be nothing dramatic until two arrogant teenage elephants challenged the rhinoceros.  Elephants may be big, but rhinos are animals that don’t mind proving that size is not the deciding factor in winning or losing in a battle.

When seeing the obvious provocation of the two aggressive young elephants, the black rhino was extremely calm, it bent down and pointed its horns at the young elephant, posing ready to fight.

The rhinoceros’ decisive, fearless confrontation took the two young elephants by surprise and made them less aggressive. Even so, the elephants still raised their arms and legs to intimidate their opponents.

Overwhelmed in both number and size, the black rhino is still clever in the confrontation, not showing panic or discouragement.  Calmly confronting two arrogant and aggressive elephants, the rhino taught the opponent a lesson, no matter how much humility is not enough, a little pride is superfluous.

Maybe a few years from now, when both elephants are adults, the outcome of the battle will be different, but for now, even with the east, the two young elephants can hardly make the rhinos submit.

Rhinos are one of the most powerful animals, rarely succumbing to other animals, including predators or giants with extraordinary health.

The body structure allows rhinos to have extremely strong defense mechanisms. They are not actively aggressive with other animals, but when provoked or coerced, rhinos will demonstrate that they are not easily bullied animals.

The adult elephant has no natural enemies, it earns respect from other animals thanks to its powerful tusks and huge size. Rarely do elephants get into trouble once they’ve become great? However, when young, elephants can prey on lions, jaguars, and even hyenas.

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