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Dogs Who Formed A Special Bond At Dog Park Get Their Parents To Start Dating

Who knew that taking their dog to the dog park would alter both their lives and their dogs? At the same time that Mickey took his dog, Louie, to the neighborhood dog park, Bella decided to bring Baloo.  “They rushed to one other as soon as they noticed one another. They just clicked right away,” Bella recounted.

For Baloo and Louie, it was a case of love at first sight. Since they both agree that this is the best friendship either of their dogs has ever had, their parents decided they needed to get them together frequently. For the new BFFs to be together, Bella and Mickey agreed they needed to get together at the park once more.

It turns out that their friendship wasn’t the only one to grow. Bella and Mickey met through their dogs and quickly grew close, leading to the beginning of their relationship.  And it’s all because of these two opposed things. They are so different from one another. It must be true that opposites attract,” Bella said. Louie is a happy-go-lucky puppy who is constantly rushing about, according to Mickey. While Baloo appeared to be constantly doubting himself and was described by Bella as having an existential crisis in this realm.

Baloo also values his privacy and is not particularly affectionate. Because Baloo permits Louie to into his personal space, it is clear why Louie must be such a special dog.  Baloo and Louie frequently sleep next to one another. Other times, Louie will have Baloo’s snout in his mouth or place his head on the animal’s body.

They frequently kiss each other or simply touch each other. They simply adore each other.  Mickey and Louie used to live an hour and a half distant before they all moved in together.  Mickey stated, “Every time he knows we’re going home, he looks at me with the saddest face ever. Every time, he says, “I don’t want to go.”  He would have the saddest eyes for Bella when it was just him and her.

This is why the decision to move in together by their parents made these two canines the happiest. These four close pals may now spend each day together!  They’re not simply limited to having fun at the dog park anymore. They can travel anywhere!

They all hopped in a van in March 2020 and spent a few months driving throughout the nation. That dog park sure was enormous!  Do you know another thing that makes them the ideal quartet?  Mickey and Bella are opposites of one another. Bella is similar to Louie, and Mickey is similar to Baloo.

It’s the most ideal fur family, in all honesty. Bella stated, “We’re very fortunate to be able to say that they are our pets. And make sure to watch the video below if you want to drool over Baloo and Louie’s incredible friendship and brotherhood.

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