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Dog Reacts To Hearing His Owner’s Voice After Getting Lost And Living 2 Years In The Streets

The today’s story is about the dog named Bosco, a beagle mix, scavenged for food on the streets of Rhode Island for two years after becoming lost and unable to find his way home. Sheilah Graham, a volunteer with Missing Dogs of Massachusetts, stated, “He was leashed in the back yard and somehow he just got off the leash.”

To survive, Bosco resorted to instinct and sought help at neighbourhood restaurants, where he was able to obtain food from neighbouring garbage. Sheilah put out a cage after learning about a stray dog in the neighbourhood, and happily, Bosco grabbed the bait one night. Sheilah was able to find down Bosco’s owner, Bill, in no time and gave him a call. “Hey Bill, do you recognise this voice?” she inquired. Bill was taken aback when he heard Bosco barking in the background. “Obviously, he’s a really extraordinary dog,” Bill said of Bosco’s persistence.

She also arranged for the two to have a quick FaceTime session because Bill had moved out of state. Sheilah volunteered to drive the 2000 miles to reunite the duo in person because Bosco was too elderly to fly and Bill was incapacitated. I’m very relieved to learn that Bosco is on his way home to his family after such a long and difficult time away!

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