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Dog Mom Doesn’t Trust Anyone With Her Babies After Having One Stolen

A homeless dog’s existence may be just as difficult as that of a homeless person, particularly for new mother canines with puppies. Not only do they have to worry about finding a place to stay, but they are frequently mistreated and shown little sympathy, and are sometimes even considered a nuisance.

Dogs don’t have the same ability to communicate what they’re going through or what happened to them, making it more difficult for rescuers to figure out how they might help.  Take, for example, the story of a young mother dog who was discovered when people spotted her carrying her dead kid and then noticed the remainder of her newborn pups who required care and attention.

It all began when the rescuers received an urgent text message and a video of a mother dog carrying her pup in search of assistance. She was rumored to have given birth on the streets. They immediately proceeded to the residence of the person who had contacted them, where they discovered a small portion of the house that had been gated to keep the mother dog and her pups in.

She appeared to be inside a small terrestrial cave surrounded by vegetation. They assumed she was terrified and it would be a battle to get out of there with her back to the entryway, protecting her infants with her body. The rescuers tried to befriend her and get her to approach them, but it didn’t work. She was too terrified to speak and instead hissed at them. Despite this, it was clear that she desired assistance; she was just hesitant to trust them at this time.

They intended to pull her out with a soft snare. Which, to their surprise, worked because she participated and stuck her head in it. It took several attempts to encourage her to stand up and come to them, but after several attempts, she emerged from the hole without treading on the puppies. The rescuers could tell the mother dog was a loving dog who didn’t mean any harm by the way she approached them. Both rescuers attempted to convince her that they had no intention of harming her or the children. Jade, as they named her, let the rescuers approach her pups and let them hold all 7 of them, one of whom unfortunately died.

As they were picking up the puppies for the move, Jade began to exhibit signs of anxiety, so one of the rescuers suggested that they demonstrate to her the puppies were in excellent hands to calm her down. They guided her inside her box with the help of one of her puppies. They chose to use a different crate for the babies since they didn’t want to risk them getting stepped on, while yet keeping it within the mother dog’s sight.

They made their way to the hospital to ensure that the mother dog and her puppies received the care they required. They discovered she was a young mother dog, which explains her apprehension around strangers handling her puppies. Thankfully, they were all in good health and did not require any medical attention. Although she was fine and had been rescued, Jade appeared to be upset about something. Maybe she was simply adjusting? That’s what the rescuers thought, at least.

The next day, Jade received an unexpected note that revealed why she was still concerned. Stephanie, the person who called about the dog, explained that one of the babies had been taken by a neighbor who thought she could care for it on her own. The neighbor realized it was wrong to separate the one-day-old baby from her mother after a long night of suffering and wailing. This leads to the rescuers reuniting the kidnapped infant with her mother!

Jade no longer appeared apprehensive since she was overjoyed to see her kid. Because the newborns were so valuable, they decided it would be appropriate to name them after diamonds.  The family promptly enlisted the help of a group to care for them until they could find them a permanent home. After eight weeks, they’ve become considerably happy and are all ready to be adopted.  Without the cooperation and support of a community dedicated to providing canines with a better life, rescues like these would not be feasible.


If you want to stay up to date on this mother dog’s adventure, check out the video below!

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