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Dog Gets Excited After Finding Out His Military Mom Is Back Home

In the following video, you will watch a touching reunion between a soldier and her lovely dog. Janna Berger is a soldier, so she has to be away from home for significant periods of time on a regular basis.

As much as she loves her profession, she always has a hard time separating from her pet dog. In fact, it is really hard to stay away from your dog when you consider the dog the same as a family member.

She had to leave her dog, Murphy, with her family for eight hard months while she was gone. The last time she saw Murphy, she feared that he wouldn’t recognise her when she returned.

In order to allow Murphy out of the house, she had to wait outside in the driveway until someone else arrived. The moment he realised it was his mother, he screamed and ran as fast as he could.

He approached his human slowly but surely and began sniffing her. He eventually understood who she was when he got a good sniff of her scent, and his reaction was priceless! Murphy is excited to the point where he can barely contain himself.

As you can see from the video, the dog is just running around and leaping on his mother.  Murphy definitely missed his mother just as much as she missed him.

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