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Dog Gets Euphoric After Learning He’s Getting A Kitten

In facts, dogs, like everyone else, require companionship. Have a look at the following video how ecstatic this puppy is when he discovers his father has given him a fuzzy little sibling. This amusing video features a conversation between a dog and his dad, who has just returned home from the pet store.

As his dad tells him about his journey to the pet store, the video captures the cute dog’s expression. His father describes witnessing the guinea pigs, gerbils, parrots, snakes, hermit crabs, and ultimately the kittens.

Dad does a fantastic job with the dialogue and the cute dog’s reaction. This video completely engrosses you and makes you believe that the dog is actually thinking the words being spoken.

The cute black and white dog leaps for pleasure when dad uses the word “kitten.” The puppy’s expressions are wonderful, and his face beams with excitement. The dog clearly understands what a kitten is and is overjoyed at the prospect of having a little fur sister.

A small meow appears out of nowhere. Now that the puppy is aware of the presence of a kitten, he becomes irritated as dad continues to talk about the shopping trip…the turtles…and so on. Then he hears it again from the other room: the loveliest little meow.

The cute puppy stares right into the camera at this time, and his wagging tail can’t contain his delight as he leaps for joy. He’s the sweetest dog, and we’re looking forward to meeting the kitten as well! And a kitten from a shelter is much better!

The video is breathtaking, and the dialogue is nearly flawless. The reaction of the dog to his owner’s voice is priceless. We can’t seem to get enough of this video, and we hope you will as well.

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