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Do You Accept This Outcome When The Cobra Confronts The Mongoose.

Usually in confrontations, the cobra will be defeated by the mongoose because snakes are the civet’s favorite food. They are also immune to venom, so they can resist the cobra’s most powerful weapon, venom.

The black cobra, also known as the jungle cobra below, is in an even worse situation when it has to face two dwarf mongooses alone. Even so, the most unbelievable thing happened when the venomous snake managed to run towards the bushes and rely on the terrain for defense. This caused the two mongooses to finally give up the idea of ​​​​eating their prey.

The snake climbs the fence when being hunted by the enemy, what will be the outcome of the life-and-death battle? Will the snake escape the clutches of its arch-enemy?

A spotted-backed keelback was chased by a mongoose, forcing it to climb a fence and run away. However, that also hardly helps the snake to escape. Before that, the snake was bitten in the face by the enemy with sharp teeth, so it bled a lot. Unfortunately, the wound was so severe that it died.

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