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Disabled Dogs In Wheelcarts Enjoy Their Time Playing Together

The family-pet relationship is a continuing evolution of the human-animal interaction in our culture. Veterinary care has advanced to the point where pets can live longer lives while also receiving better nutrition and protection from infectious diseases and parasites. Early disease detection gives for a higher quality of life for a longer period of time. As a result, the rise in the number of elderly and geriatric pets is not surprising.

This video brought a smile to my face! Watch as a group of disabled dogs in wheelcarts take a walk in the fields, running and playing fetch! The dogs’ guardian, Gritta Goetz, works in an animal sanctuary in Lanzenhainer, Germany. She has rescued and adopted eight canines with special needs, providing them with a loving and accepting environment.

Gritta remarked that the dog who always has the stick is the pack leader, but that he also gives the stick to the dogs with wheelcarts. “Don’t worry, they’ll get it in no time.” The smallest paralysed dog, on the other hand, is the one who can “guard” the stick from everyone. Even the leader will have no chance if she receives it.” Isn’t that adorable? It’s really incredible seeing those disabled dogs having fun. This video really made my day.

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