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Cute Str.ay Kitten found in Playground has been Adopted!

Absolutely beautiful and awesome.

Thank you Sir. You are truly a gift from God and thank you for saving this precious little animals life. We hope it grows up to have a long healthy and happy life with you.
Kitten has a cute expression when she gets her own new home.

Kittens are adorable, but not all of them are fortunate enough to have a loving home and family. Like the cat who roams the playground next to the highway in this story.
Many people had passed by, but none of them attempted to assist her. And once she got onto the highway, the next one was easy to guess.

Fortunately, Brad, a kind man, noticed her and realized she needed him. He couldn’t bear the thought of the kitten starving to [de.ath] if he was le.ft alone.

But the kitten was wary of strangers, so Brad went home and returned with food and water, which he did for several days until her trust in him grew enough for him to bring her home.
April has been named by Brad, and she now has a family!

The kitten felt the love she never got from her human dad here, and she even got a new brother, Tom, who later appeared in pictures with her, as well as the one who looks after her as if she were his own.

Tom groomed her, petted her, and taught her how to be a cat, just like a mother cat does with her kittens.
This kitten now is overjoyed that someone is paying attention to her!

Fortunately, there are always people who are kind and willing to use their kindness to change someone’s life in this cold and emotionless world.

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